Liquid Chicory

Apart from Dried chicory cubes and roasted chicory cubes, We also supply Liquid Chicory is the third useful form of this herb. India is one of the leading countries in the world having a number of liquid chicory suppliers and manufacturers.

The liquid chicory extract is used for adding flavor to recipes, main courses as well as desserts. Also, it can be used for adding natural color to different food items. The strong and characteristic taste introduced by liquid chicory extract has made it a popular food additive around the world.

Chicory in the liquid form is also used as an ingredient in dietary supplements. The liquid chicory extract contains 98% of insulin by weight. Some of the other applications of liquid chicory are due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics and ability to purify the human blood. Chicory liquid form is also used as mild sedative as well as alterative in the medical world. It can also be used in variety of medications like stomach cleaner and gallbladder tonic.

JCI is one of the leading liquid chicory sellers in India, apart from other chicory products. The company is involved in supplying roasted chicory to the industry experts, who extract liquid chicory out of it. The final product is delivered to the customers by the company.

Chicory roots are cultivated and harvested from the fields and then, these roots are dried. The dried chicory roots are grounded and then mixed with water. After allowing the mixture to stand for few hours, the insoluble part is separated using filtration and centrifugation. The liquid extract thus obtained is further refined to make it suitable as a food additive.

JCI not only acts as supplier of roasted chicory to the liquid chicory manufacturers, but it also acts as intermediary between these manufacturers and consumers interested in purchasing liquid chicory. The finest quality of chicory products has helped us to attain the status of a proficient liquid chicory producer at national as well as international level.

Description Liquid Chicory prepared from Roasted Chicory Cubes
Physical Appearance Dark Brown to Blackish Liquid
Taste Typical Chicory Taste
Total Solids Minimum 69%
pH 4.0 to 4.5
Reducing Sugar Max 30%
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