JCI has the state-of-the-art Infrastructure spread in around 40,000 sq ft of area. JCI has a unique tailored made processing plant which maintains the finest quality of chicory at competitive price. Overall capacity of more than 4000 tons yearly, JCI uses the Automatic processing method without much human interference. Besides the Processing plant, JCI has the In-house Research & Testing Laboratory, Leased lands for cultivation and sales office at prime location.


Roaster Owens
Chicory Processing
Granding of Chicory
Destoning of Chicory
List of Machineries
  • Sawing cultivator
  • Automatic Grading Machine
  • Roaster Owens
  • Human Assets

    On an average the plant facility has workforce of about 12 people. During the harvesting season the workforce goes up to 100 people. All the workers need to go through various departmental training and are always attired for best hygiene measures. The average age group of the workforce is 30 years. Various motivational and recreational workshops are organized for the development of workforce

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